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Hi Khun Saowarak


I was very happy to write this as I think you are just wonderful. '


After developing arthritis, I began attending a local Thai massage centre. The staff began teaching me the Thai language. After learning a few sentences, it became very difficult to distinguish the unique Thai sounds.


Then I attended Thai reading and writing lessons with Khun Saowarak. I highly recommend this course, her teaching method is excellent and takes place in an atmosphere of patience, understanding and gentle humour.


Suddenly, all the Thai words and sounds made perfect sense. Learning the Thai consonants and vowels is not as hard as people think. It is just a matter of practice and remembering that you once had to learn to read and write your own language from scratch.'


Franklin Hayes Perth WA

In March 2016 I commenced Thai lessons with Saowarak Srisukkho. I wanted to learn conversational Thai.


She recommended that I start with Step by Step Thai (Introduction to Thai Writing).


She has a good teaching style. She makes sure that you know the material before moving to the next learning’s. She has some very good ways to teach you i.e. she is always trying new ways of teaching you to remember and testing your knowledge. When she does the testing you really know if don’t know the material properly. She is very patient. Archie her dog always says hello every week and wants to sniff your hand.


I can now read and write 37 consonants and 21 vowels. I have nearly finished the Introduction to Thai Writing. I do about 2-3 hours a week of revision and study. I can read the Thai writing and speak it as well.

I can remember some words and can speak some words clearly. My vocabulary is probably 42 words. Apparently you need to know 150 words to have a reasonable conversation. So I have some way to go.

I am learning the tone subtleties (high, middle, low, short, long etc). The tone and speaking takes time to remember and master. Practice will prevail.


Yes I am happy with my progress (I wish I could remember more). Saowarak has given me some tips on how to memorise the Thai characters i.e. one a day using flash cards.




June 2016

Hi all! My name is Pam Rode. In Thai that is: Chan chue Pam kha.


I would like to share my experience with you about learning the Thai language. It’s a beautiful sounding language with unique squiggly script. I started learning Thai; February this year with no knowledge of the language whatsoever. The only connection I have with Thailand is that I have a brother-in-law who is Thai who resides in the USA; and I have visited the country several times in my life time.

As it is my plans to go to Thailand for work in the near future; I decided to enrol in a course to learn the language. I came across this site on the net; Thai Language Centre of Perth which teaches not only the language but also offers Thai dancing classes for kids and some other interesting classes. It appeared to be a fascinating place and the Thai courses definitely were of reasonable price.

Since learning the language in February, I am now able to speak and understand basic Thai. It is a wonderful feeling and the classes have really been interesting. The classes are small in size which makes learning and conversations ideal. We have a very good teacher; whom we call Khun Aajaan (teacher) Aud. She is very patient and has no problems in answering our questions even when those questions have been asked previously by other students. She has many years of experience in teaching the language and is very capable. She sets a good pace for her students. She makes us feel at ease and encourages us to ask her anything to do with the language, culture and the country. She indulges me often especially when I ask her the meanings of certain words spoken in the many Thai soapies that I watch so regularly now. I rejoice every time I understand words spoken in those dramas and endeavour to continue to understand more.

I have enjoyed the classes so much that in the previous term, I decided to give it a go to learn the Thai script which often is said to be quite difficult. I found that it is not so very difficult but it is challenging. It is definitely a fulfilling feeling to be able to recognize and read some Thai. I still remember how ecstatic I felt when I discovered that I was able to read some basic sentences and make meaning out of them. A definite win! Currently, I have progressed to term 4 and have not looked back ever since. I certainly recommend anyone who is interested in learning Thai; not to hesitate as it a whole lot of fun and it is not an impossible language to acquire.

Sawatdee Kha Saowarak


 We found the course perfect as it was structured, well paced and good materials to use for practice.  It was also alot of fun and you were very patient with us. My only comment, and this is not a negative comment at all, would be that one more week would have been good. It was all just starting to fall into place (and I think we got it) and one more week with you would have just rounded it off to maybe put into practice what we had learned. But we certainly did use what we learned.


 "Prior to our recent trip to Thailand, my husband, myself and two friends completed the instant Thai Course which ran over three weeks for an hour each lesson.

It was an enjoyable and rewarding experience which gave us the ability to talk to the local Thai people in their own language which was more than obviously appreciated from the reactions we received.

Ajarn Saowarak is an wonderful teacher, very patient, happy to explain where necessary and paced the learning so as not to overwhelm us. We learned many basic phrases and on the last lesson were given some more informal fun words and phrases. The lesson times were flexible and the course material was a good aid to learning which included audio which helped a lot with pronunciation or words. We highly recommend this course to anyone who would like to start learning the Thai language."


 Thank you and I do hope one day soon to come and learn further.



Sheena and Andy Harper

Perth, Western Australia

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Thai Language Centre of Perth

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