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About the Thai Language Centre of Perth

“Teach them slowly but surely and students will learn”.


The Thai Language Centre of Perth was established in October 2011 to maintain Thai language and culture. The TLCoP was established by language specialist teacher Ms Saowarak Srisukkho.


Saowarak strongly believes that it is important to educate Thai children, born here or who have come to Australia when young, so that their culture and heritage are not lost.


In the initial stage classes were planned only for children. Subsequently the program was opened to adult students and at the beginning of 2013 our centre initiated the Thai language programme for adults. The first programme offered was Intensive Thai, where students learn to speak, read and write Thai. Currently we offer a wide range of courses in Thai languages. Students can choose to enrol in speaking and listening Thai only, or they may choose to learn to read and to write Thai. The children classes emphasise reading and writing as much as speaking Thai.


Our centre runs on the weekend (Saturday and Sunday), at 275 Stirling Street, Perth. Each session lasts for two hours and is scheduled between 9 am – 1 pm during school terms. 

Our teachers are usually native speakers of Thai. In our writing classes we use authentic Thai script as a medium of instruction, except for the Introductory Thai courses where spoken Thai is the main focus. For this course, we adopt our system of romanized script that helps our students pronounce words more quickly.

We have included cultural day activities for all students into our programme. This addition has proved to be a beneficial and enriching experience for students.


Our objectives

The Thai Language Centre has clear objectives which are:

  • To maintain Thai values, beliefs and culture to learners of the Thai language

  • To improve the literacy level in Thai language of Thai children living in WA

  • To promote learning and understanding about Thai language and culture to target families 

  • To create and promote a sense of pride within the Thai community


The Centre intends to be a relaxed and informal environment for learning.  Students attend on a voluntary basis, and while motivated by their special interest in Thai language and culture, also need to enjoy success and be excited and extended by their participation. In the context of non-formal education, special consideration is given to ensuring that teaching processes and the learning activities are highly engaging to all students, across the range of ages, aptitude and readiness.   

 Want to learn Thai in Perth?

Thai Language Centre of Perth

Thai Language Centre of Perth

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